NOTE: This is unfinished WIP

So, you have downloaded the library, and have had a look at the samples, and now you want to create your own game project... read on. :)

This solution is using VS 2013, you can use Express too, but you may have an issue with a header file, check out this link to help fix that.

Create a new empty C++ Project in VS 2013, personally, I like to have the RC Lib in there too so if I need to I can mod it, so add that to your solution.

Now we want to give this new empty project access to DX and to the RC Lib, right click the project and select properties.

Under Configuration Properties, select VC++ Directories and change the Include Directories to look like this (remember, you will need to change these lines to point at where you have the lib and DX installed)

C:\Program Files %28x86%29\Microsoft DirectX SDK %28June 2010%29\Include


Do the same for Library Directories

C:\Program Files %28x86%29\Microsoft DirectX SDK %28June 2010%29\Lib\x86

Now, open the Linker option from here and go into Input, change Additional Dependencies as before to this


Now, ensure that you are using Unicode character set:

General->Project Defaults and set Character Set to Use Unicode Character Set

Hit OK, so we now have the project set up ready to for us to use DX and the RC Lib, we now need a file that will host our WinMain, our code to launch the game. In your new project under the Source Files filter add a new file called main.cpp.

You should now have an empty file, fill it with this:

#pragma once
#include <Windows.h>
#include <RCGame.h>
#include <RCCamera.h>

int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, PSTR pScmdline, int iCmdshow)

return 0;

So, we are now ready to create our game class, similar to what we had in XNA right click your project and select Add->Class, select C++ class and click Add

Name it what ever you like, but Ill call mine MyGame, click Finish

You should now have a MyGame.cpp and MyGame.h file We can now populate the header with all the elements we want o use in our game, lets set it so we have access to the RCGame class and a camera.

#pragma once
#include <RCGame.h>
#include <RCCamera.h>

We then need to derive our game class from RCGame like this:

class MyGame : public RCGame

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